How to attract passive healthcare candidates

How to attract passive healthcare candidates

For any organisation, particularly those that operate in the healthcare environment, attracting the best talent is becoming more of a challenge. Recruitment in general is currently sided with the employee at the moment, with many able to pick and choose where they work and who they are employed by.

Exploring all avenues that lead to successful recruitment is therefore important. One area that business owners often ignore is how to attract passive healthcare candidates. That’s mainly because most don’t know that they exist or what their value is.

What is a Passive Healthcare Candidate?

Passive healthcare candidates are working and not necessarily looking for a new job. They fit your job description for the post but aren’t likely to view your ad or contact your business. In truth, they might not even have heard of you. Remember in the healthcare environment there is so much candidate choice and opportunity, with literally hundreds of vacancies in each town.

So, why you would put in the effort to attract someone who is currently satisfied in the job they are doing? The other big question you need to answer is how you are going to attract that person to your organisation.

To answer the first, nearly 80% of professional working people fall into the passive healthcare candidates category. In that sense, you open up a lot more possibilities and a larger recruitment pool if you can access these individuals as well.

The second question is a little more difficult to answer and requires you to employ a range of different tools to get yourself noticed.

Leverage Your Online Presence and Social Media Platforms

Some of the best tools that you have available for attracting passive healthcare candidates are your website and social media platforms. They allow you to reach a wide variety of people on a daily basis, but only if you have the right components in place. For example, it’s important that your business is consistently and positively active on social media platforms like Facebook. Why? Because that is where healthcare talent tends to hang out.

There are plenty of ways to promote a positive message to potential passive healthcare candidates. That includes telling them about your achievements, showing you do care about your employees, and demonstrating the benefits of working for your business. You can use individual stories, post videos and images from events and create an online brand appeal that hits all the right pressure points for healthcare. In addition to boosting your own organisations persona on social media, it helps to have a well-built and sustainable online job website or page where those interested care assistants and nurses can find out more about you and your employment opportunities.

While you may be marketing your nursing home to potential residents and clients, you also need to be applying that same strategy to attracting the right employees, whether you currently have nursing and care vacancies or not. If you maintain a consistent online brand and make this easily recognisable, you can also begin to spread the word about your organisation through targeted social media campaigns. You can use paid advertising to reach out to certain demographics, those with the appropriate career history and interests.

Finally, you need to bring everything about your strategy to attract passive healthcare candidates together in a coherent fashion. Who are you looking for? How do you reach out to them? What platforms are they using? What messages do they want to hear? How do you get them to engage with you?

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