New Care Home Opening – Minus the Recruitment Stress

New Care Home Opening – Minus the Recruitment Stress

A new care home opening is obviously a significant undertaking. There are many elements to consider from CQC, to home promotion and of course internal recruitment. Getting this all aligned correctly can be a challenge. Recruitment and hiring the best local staff will be one of a highest priorities from day one.

At Go Apply, we know and understand the pressures and time constraints that surround any new nursing or care home opening. That’s why we’ve developed healthcare recruitment support packages exclusively designed to maximise exposure in your locality and support your marketing operations for recruitment.

What Is Included in our Care Home Opening Packages?

With any new care home opening, you’ll want to make sure you are attracting the best available and appropriately qualified candidates from your local area. Not only do we bring a good deal of experience to the table to help you do this, we’re committed to working with you to ensure that we meet the challenges of locality-based healthcare recruiting.

Each location has its own special set of challenges and understanding this is essential if you want to be successful with achieving the quality and quantity of candidates required for posts at your new care or nursing home.

Our fixed price marketing recruitment packages are designed to give your care home the best of starts. These packages not only include features like a dedicated recruitment website, but specialist marketing solutions such as search engine optimisation and search engine marketing, so your vacancies can be found on Google and other search engines.

We are always keen to use high tech innovations, like chatbots for example. Chatbots support the here and now culture of 2019, which ensure candidates are able to engage and apply for posts at any time of day or night. This instant requirement mentality is commonplace amongst interested job hunters due the the vast amount of internet noise. Other essential techniques include correct set up of social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram, plus Google Maps and other locality based tools which we can quickly put in place to support, boost and maintain your local recruitment.

What are the Benefits?

Our packages are designed to be tailored to your specific needs from the very beginning. This is important for care home openings in particular where the recipe for recruitment success can sometimes take a while to bed in and figure out. We are in full agreement that the use of both traditional temporary and permanent recruitment agencies should be avoided or minimised whenever necessary.

Working with Go Apply, you get an agreed fixed price for the month, which means your organisation can safely budget for recruitment from day one without worrying about hidden costs. The monthly cost is irrespective of the number of new hires you take on, giving your business the flexibility and scope it needs to recruit successfully.

With any new care home opening, you want to make sure you minimise the stress of setting up and meet the challenges of recruiting in your local area. Our recruitment packages certainly allow you to do that. At Go Apply, we work closely alongside your commissioning manager and team to ensure all your recruitment needs are met, including screening, initial interviews and the organisation of local interviews.

With access to one of our dedicated account managers who will get to fully understand your business, you can be reassured someone is onside who understands your needs. If you are opening a new care home and want to give your recruitment marketing a maximum locality boost, contact our professional and friendly team today.