We’re Finalists!! Observer Business Excellence Awards 2019 for Innovation

We’re Finalists!! Observer Business Excellence Awards 2019 for Innovation

We are delighted and excited to find out we have been shortlisted as Finalists in the Observer Business Excellence Awards 2019 for Innovation. The team is looking forward to the gala dinner and results in June 2019!

About Us

The Go Apply objective is to support healthcare organisations across the UK with innovative internal recruitment solutions and it is reassuring to receive credit for our services.
We provide an alternative to traditional recruitment agencies, by working with our clients to fix internal issues and pursue the following client goals.

  1. Reduce agency spend / reliance
  2. Reduce internal vacancies
  3. Improve the candidate hiring experience

Our blueprint is clear in design and allows us to support businesses to empower their internal hiring process through the following steps:

  1. Hiring Process
    We build and prepare slick recruitment processes that candidates and hiring managers love
  2. Recruitment Systems
    Manual or digital systems can be equally effective in different scenarios, we work with our clients for the best fit
  3. People
    We can support your recruitment team by empowering them to be hiring superstars
  4. Recruitment Marketing
    Ensuring vacancies gain maximum coverage will bring new applications. We find cost effective methods for results
  5. Recruitment Support
    We provide local recruitment support sourcing, screening and interviewing potential candidates

Services and Results

The UK healthcare market is currently experiencing unprecedented vacancy levels. According to a report in the Guardian last year: “On average, in care homes there are about 2,800 unfilled manager jobs at any one time while, despite concerted recruitment drives, vacancy rates and turnover rates continue to climb.” In addition the true sector vacancy rate calculated by Skills For Care in 2018 was 8.0%, equivalent to around 110,000 vacancies at any given time. This presents a very real challenge for healthcare organisations and internal recruiters who are seeking to attract the best candidates. Bringing new people into the sector is also proving to be a challenge and the overspend on temporary agency staff is on the rise according to the latest CQC State of Care report. Attracting a younger demographic is important in order to replace those who will retire in the next few years. This is made even more vital when you consider that a further 650,000 job places will need to be filled by 2035 to cope with the care needs of an ageing population.

These clear reviews and official warnings prove that Go Apply’s services are in demand. By offering an innovative alternative to traditional temporary staff agencies and permanent placement agencies we can significantly reduce costs and damaging agency reliance, offer improved continuity of staff, plus a legacy to our clients for the future. This is also a service that we guarantee based on results.

We have provided various client solutions including:

Seamless fit with your HR team

Seamless fit with your HR team


  • Performed in excess of 900 telephone interviews
  • Facilitated over 300 job interviews
  • Instrumental in more than 140 job offers
  • 42% decrease in agency spend by our clients in 2018 alone
  • The success of our initial contracts have allowed effective case studies that offer confidence to new and prospective clients, together with positive testimonials.

Company Initiatives

From the beginning and under the guidance of a full time working mother, Go Apply understood the importance of a flexible workforce. Our current internal team is four strong and made up of three working mothers on flexible hours contracts, to work around the equally important family life. We offer reduced hours in the holidays, plus term time hours that fit around school. This allows us to tap into a skilled workforce that perhaps is overlooked in office environments due to the traditional 9-5 hours. For working parents 9.30am – 3pm is available and this provides us an effective and loyal employee that enjoys the balance on offer. In our opinion this untapped resource is a real feather in our cap as our team grows.

“Working for Go Apply allows me the opportunity of a rewarding career with the flexibility to still be a dedicated single mother to my 3 children. The part time hours fit in well with my family commitments and they offer flexibility during school holidays when needed.” Consultant.

Innovation and Reinvention
The world is moving at a fast pace, in particular with recruitment and internal hiring. Traditionally a newspaper advert or post with an online job board would suffice. Now much more is required to be seen and heard by potential job applicants, plus due to the competition levels offering more and appearing an attractive proposition is as important as ever. As an example we provide the latest solutions including an automated ‘chatbot’ that sits on a clients website. The artificial intelligence can take an applicant all the way through an initial application process and answer questions along the way. It is this style of innovation and development that makes our services stand out, and our clients campaigns more successful.

Client Guarantees
Our core services are fully guaranteed and based on results. We are confident that we will improve clients hiring situation, and offer a unique guarantee which is agreed prior to commencing work. This is based on key metrics, reducing spend and / or solving any specific issues unique to each project. Our guarantee “Working with Go Apply will not cost your organisation any more than your current associated spend, for improved results.”

“We recently worked with the Go Apply team on a major project. Having terminated a companywide agency agreement weeks previously, we needed to quickly establish PSL’s for each of our operational homes, working with multiple businesses and stakeholder. They were able to lead this project on our behalf, and introduced us to other professional parties who were able to better clarify our legal and tax positions on a number of aspects of the PSL arrangements, driving each to work within short timeframe. We are therefore very happy with the outcome achieved. We would definitely recommend Go Apply.” Chief Financial Officer, UK Healthcare Business.