Many healthcare businesses, including nursing homes, spend a lot on agencies and temporary workers. It’s often the most convenient and quickest way to get staff. Unfortunately, it’s not the most cost effective healthcare recruitment strategy.

Employing and retaining your own staff, rather than opting for temporary agency workers has a number of benefits. Not only does it reduce your wage bill because you are not being charged agency rates, you also have the benefit of regular staff who are able to provide continuity of care in your care or nursing home.

The good news is that employing your own staff is not as difficult as many people think. Put the right strategy in place and it can pay dividends for your business from day one.

Effective Healthcare Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment is a two way process. If you want to get qualified, talented full-time nursing staff, you need to think carefully how you reach out to them.

  1. Inspiring Job Posts

You may not think that writing a job post is marketing but it is. Putting your next job opportunity up online or in the local paper, requires careful thought and, above all, effective writing. Your job adverts should contain relevant information such as role descriptions and salary but also be exciting enough to entice the right candidates to apply.

  1. Social Media Recruitment

We all know that social media is an important way to communicate nowadays. Whether you love or hate Facebook and Twitter, they are the perfect tools for reaching out to candidates.

If your healthcare recruitment is stagnating, spending more quality time on these platforms can boost your engagement. Social media allows you to target specific audiences or locations and get in front of the people that matter to your healthcare business.

  1. Social Media Visibility

Did you know that 59% of people use social media to research a company they are interested in? People tend to want to work for businesses they have an affinity with. Most healthcare businesses can do a lot to improve their visibility to passive candidates and promote themselves. Show how well you treat staff, for instance, or what great facilities you have.

Make the Application Process Easy

Complicated application processes put candidates off. As with anything in life, the simpler you make it, the more engagement you should get. There are a few ways you can do this:

  1. A Dedicated Job Site

Listing jobs on your own site means that candidates can easily see what your healthcare business is all about at the same time as viewing vacancies. You could also combine your jobs page with careful keyword choices to improve SEO so that more people can find you.

  1. Online Application

You don’t want to put hurdles in the way of any potential applicant, so making it easy to apply online is vital. Many candidates will be searching for jobs on their mobiles and simplifying the process can help with this.

Forget about making it mandatory to attach a CV because many candidates in healthcare don’t have one. Include mobile friendly application forms instead and you may find that the response to your advertisement increases dramatically.

  1. Acknowledge Immediately

Once you get an application, always reply to say that you have received it. You can do this automatically nowadays with online applications. Let the candidate know if they have been unsuccessful or whether you want to see them or require further information. Good communication is vital if you want to attract the best candidates.

  1. Use Recruitment Software

Employing the right recruitment software can make a big difference if you have posts that you need to fill on a regular basis. It allows you to track and monitor applications, helping to manage candidates seamlessly through the application and interview process.

If you want to reduce your agency spend and develop  a more effective healthcare recruitment strategy, contact the team at Go Apply today to see how we can help.