Effective recruitment is a key part of any healthcare business. Making sure that you have quick access to well-trained and experienced staff when you need them is vital. Stories in the news about care and nursing homes closing their doors because of a lack of qualified nurses and other healthcare professionals are unfortunately more common than we like to believe.

According to a report in the Guardian last year: “On average, in care homes there are about 2,800 unfilled manager jobs at any one time while, despite concerted recruitment drives, vacancy rates for social workers in the statutory sector have jumped from 7.3% in 2012 to 11% in 2016, and turnover rates continue to climb.”

Staff shortage is an ongoing challenge that has effected many areas of healthcare in recent years. The demand is not always met by the supply. Unfortunately, that can lead many nursing homes and businesses to have a shortage of the most qualified staff they need on site on a day to day basis. Most care organisations have their own websites. While this is a powerful tool for marketing the business, it can also be used to attract the relevant staff. The truth is that including a dedicated healthcare recruitment webpage on your company site can greatly improve your chances of attaining the right person at the right time.

A dedicated healthcare recruitment webpage provides a number of distinct advantages:

  • You can combine your recruitment with your brand message as a business or organisation which means you create consistency.
  • You can use it to direct the right potential candidates to your site where they can find out about the latest vacancies and, just as importantly, what your business does and whether it fits with their needs and qualifications.
  • You can use better marketing to highlight all the benefits of working for your care company, making it more likely suitably qualified and engaged candidates will apply.
  • You can link to your recruitment page from platforms like social media and create even more engagement.
  • Candidates get one link from your recruitment page to the application software making it easy for them to apply. The simpler it is, the more likely you are to get applications for any given job.

Undoubtedly, not having the right number of staff on board can put pressure on other members of staff. They have to make adjustments such as moving beds around or delaying admissions because there’s no one to care for patients. There may be times when staff are doing more than their fair share of shifts which leads to people to leave or take time off due to stress. Many care companies don’t put enough emphasis on their own recruitment, often depending on a local third party service which may or may not suit their needs. Putting in the right processes and systems is vital in ensuring that a steady supply of potential recruits is available and one of the best ways to do this is to include a recruitment page on your site.

At Go Apply, we have vast experience of supporting businesses such as care and nursing homes to resource and maintain their recruitment processes so that they attract the right staff. Contact us today if you want to find out how recruitment can be easier and work seamlessly with your website.