When one of your nursing homes is looking to fill a role, it’s important that you find the right person that will gel with the rest of the staff. It’s also important that during the recruitment process you set a good precedent for the company. This stage is the first step on a potential employee’s journey into the business so you should strive to create a happy candidate experience for your nursing home and promote the benefits of working at your company. Here are some top tips to improve the overall process.

Ensure your job adverts can be found

If you’re looking for the best person to join your healthcare organisation, the first thing is that they need to find your advert! It is so important to spread the net by making the adverts widely available and the application process accessible for potential candidates, on multiple channels. This involves advertising through both online, social media and via traditional mediums.

This will vary based on location, but can include:

  • Online job boards
  • Local newspapers
  • Social media (all channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Your website or online jobs page

An essential element of creating a successful recruitment plan is making sure all aspects are mobile-friendly. Modern care professionals are using their mobile phone for everything, so ensure you have personally checked how easy it is to apply. Understanding your candidates and communicating with this in mind is important to maximise your applications.

Streamline the recruitment process for a happy candidate experience

There will be a number of obstacles that can put applicants off or mean that care professionals do not apply for your roles. For example, a candidate may not apply if you make a CV mandatory. Let’s consider how many Care Assistants even have a current CV? This requirement can often reduce the overall number of applications you receive and you may be looking for personality over experience. The theory is to try and streamline the process as much as possible by removing any unnecessary hurdles, and building simple application routes you will maximise applications and fill those vacancies.

Sell the job for a happy candidate experience

When you’re looking to recruit new employees, ensure that you provide all of the important information they will need before applying, and extras. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the job-seeker and think about what they will want to know. Things like salary, job role description, location and required skills are all things that will dictate whether or not people apply, but also consider benefits and perks.

There is currently a care worker vacancy rate of over 8% in the UK, which means more vacancies than applicants, the nurse rate is even higher at 20%! This means that you will need to simply woo potential candidates with fabulous reasons to join your organisation and offer them a slick onboarding process.

Be quick with hiring decisions

Keeping things timely and efficient is a big part of the recruitment process. It will make the difference between hiring the best person and losing them to the nursing home down the road. This should be remembered at all stages of the recruitment process. Implementing a system to create quick and automatic responses to candidates isn’t as costly as it sounds. The reality is that time spent between initial application and interview should be kept to a minimum, to avoid candidates starting work elsewhere.

Local reputation is key

When someone applies to your vacancy, it’s important that you make the best possible impression and represent your brand professionally in the process. This can be achieved with a happy candidate experience from start to finish – much of this can be automated. Remember the power of social media, if a candidate has a bad experience or feels they were treated unfairly, it’s so easy for them to post a negative review. This can be managed with positive vibes and a happy candidate experience.


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