If your aim is to recruit the best staff for your nursing home or care home, one of the most powerful tools you can utilise is social media. Facebook in particular, is very powerful for nursing home recruitment.

Facebook is now the biggest platform on the planet and it’s new job advertising service is fast, easy and, most importantly, free. Here are just a few stats to support why you should be using it:

Engaging on Facebook has always been an effective and affordable way to promote a business. It offers plenty of ways to boost your company image and build a personal connection to those who choose to follow you. You can join in with various groups associated with your business and build brand awareness. You can also use their advertising software to carefully target potential customers around the globe.

But what about nursing home recruitment?

Finding the best candidates in your area isn’t always easy. Putting an ad in the local newspaper can cost a significant amount of money. But then who reads newspapers nowadays? If you want a better way to carry out your nursing home recruitment, it’s called Facebook Job Postings. And it’s a powerful tool.

What is Facebook Jobs?

Facebook Jobs is open to any business that is registered on the platform and is simple to set up. All you need to do is sign onto the job posting page and complete your advertisement. You can post any listing on your business site for free. If you want to actively reach out to a certain audience you can use their targeted advertising to widen the scope of your recruitment campaign.

What Are The Benefits?

The first thing you’ll notice is that Facebook gives you access to a pretty big talent pool. When you consider that nearly 79% of people are likely to use social media when they are looking for a job, you begin to see the true power of what it can deliver. Why spend £500 on a newspaper advert when you can target specific people in your location with a Facebook job posting?You can define your ad by location, interests, type of person or a whole host of other parameters that effectively help you target individuals who are much more likely to be interested in your job vacancy.

There are other ways that that you can use Facebook if you don’t want to take advantage of the demographic targeting. The shareability of job ads means that other healthcare workers and colleagues can help spread word about your vacancy. You can also reach passive candidates who may not have been looking for a new job by engaging with them on your business page or in groups.One great thing about Facebook Jobs is that people can apply directly either on mobile or on a desktop. You have the option to contact candidates via Messenger and arrange an interview or get further details if you need them.

Finally, the job management tool provided by Facebook enables you to keep track of everything, ensuring a smoother and more productive recruitment process.

If you’ve been wasting money putting ads in newspapers and want a more productive and cost effective way to manage your nursing home recruitment but not quite sure how to go about this, get in touch with us at Go Apply.