The evolution of technology has helped companies across all industries to streamline operations and reduce costs. Healthcare recruitment has changed in recent years thanks to the integration of online technologies and software systems. The ability to increase communication between potential care employers and employees has helped raise standards and onboarding speed within the healthcare industry. Here are just a selection of the technologies that can improve healthcare recruitment for the candidate and employer.

Healthcare Recruitment Software

There have been a number of different software programs developed specifically to help recruiters and employers find the best candidates for positions throughout all levels of the healthcare industry. Simplistic interfaces and streamlined data input methods allow employers to quickly and easily create job listings which include all of the essential information regarding the role. Recruitment software also has applicant tracking functions which allow for seamless communication between recruiters and potential candidates. This is the key, communications and documents in a single place and allowing for a more effective selection process.

Vacancy Web Pages

Websites are much easier to update in 2018 than ever before, which leaves no excuse to not keep your website up to date with the latest vacancies. With websites now becoming the outside face of many nursing home businesses, they are the primary way in which potential residents and family, plus potential job candidates find out more about the organisation. With the right process, having a specific section on a company website dedicated to recruitment and vacancies allows organisations to cut out any unnecessary steps and puts them directly in contact with nursing and care candidates. It also allows them to post job listings instantly with no fees or restrictions for effective healthcare recruitment.

With 2018 actual nurse vacancy rate in the UK currently at over 25%, the need for an experienced recruitment support partner that understands healthcare is an essential key.

Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool for marketing and recruiting within the healthcare industry. With millions of users logging into social media platforms every day, healthcare employers have a way to reach a wide selection of potential candidates free of charge. Platforms like LinkedIn are particularly good for headhunting nurses and finding qualified and skilled professionals, Facebook is up and coming in this area and really reaches the care masses. With Facebooks Jobs launch in 2018 the platform is only getting bigger and provides a fantastic way to target potential recruits with reasons to apply for your vacancies.

Online Job Boards

There are now hundreds of different websites that serve as electronic job boards on which any recruiter or employer can place listings for new positions. Job boards are used by millions of job-seekers on a daily basis which makes them a valuable tool for companies looking to hire new staff by pushing out your vacancy online. Be aware that the best job boards can be expensive and not cost-effective unless maximised for true potential. Ensure you are not overcharged as many sites will charge direct employers much more for a single role or vacancy.

Video and Imagery

Thanks to the development of video technology, it is now easier than ever for healthcare companies to create unique and engaging content that will entice job-seekers and professionals. Research has shown that web browsers are more likely to engage with visual content which is why more companies are now using things like videos and images in recruitment adverts.

Technology has moved forward in recent years, it has allowed healthcare organisations large and small to offer streamlined recruitment processes without massive investment.


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