Develop a Social Media Healthcare Recruitment Strategy

Develop a Social Media Healthcare Recruitment Strategy

Finding a strong nurse or HCA for a job can be difficult for nursing home and care home managers and owners. Traditional methods of advertising in the newspaper or on radio simply aren’t as effective as they used to be. It’s important that you are able to make enough noise so that potential healthcare applicants know you have a vacancies. Spread the net wide enough to attract a wide selection of candidates, attract them to apply for a role and find out enough details about them to make an informed decision on the next stage. This is where an effective social media healthcare recruitment strategy can be very beneficial.

Here are just some of the benefits of using social media as a part of your healthcare recruitment strategy:

Brand promotion

Healthcare organisations have been using social media to promote their brand, products and services for years but they often overlook the benefits this has on the ability to recruit new team members at all levels. Representing your brand on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn allows job-seekers to get an inside look at the ethos of the business and the benefits that would come from working for you.

Adds personality to your company

Social media is amazing in allowing you to use a more personalised approach to recruitment. By regularly posting engaging content which reflects the ethos of your brand, you will create a company personality that job-seekers can engage with. In addition, you can give more insight into the working environment within your company.

Examples of existing employees

Social media allows you to share content relating to the experiences and successes of existing nurses, care assistants or support workers. Things like employee profiles and celebratory congratulations are a great way of illustrating what it’s like to work for your company from the point of view of an actual employee. This gives much more credibility to your brand and allows potential candidates to get a glimpse of the benefits they could experience when working for you.


When it comes to recruitment, although there are a number of digital avenues to advertise through, it can be difficult to attract candidates when your job listings get buried at the bottom of a huge pile. However, social media allows you to be consistent and ensure that your brand’s voice is heard. Making use of hashtags is also a great technique for brand promotion.

Honest job adverts

One of the biggest benefits that comes with using social media as part of your healthcare recruitment strategy is that you are able to give an honest and detailed depiction of your brand. Using social media to post job adverts or link to third party jobs boards will give candidates more information and put the job role into context.


Of course it is important to make sure each advert provides a route to apply. Ensure you link to the job page on your website or an online job advert. The point is in the first instance to make applying a simple and easy process, with the right processes in place, managing applicants will be easy.

Paid social media

Your reach is only as big as your followers on social media platforms, we highly recommend paying to boost the reach of your post. This can be very cost effective however, as Facebook in particular allows you to target geographic areas and specific careers or hobbies. Making your advert often very effective.

Go Apply understands nursing homes and care homes in the UK. We are specialists in building applicant generating social media strategies as part of a recruitment solution. Simply we present rapid solutions for your team to source and recruit candidates more effectively. Get in touch with Go Apply now to find out how we can support you in developing your healthcare recruitment strategy.



Invest in an Effective Healthcare Recruitment System

Invest in an Effective Healthcare Recruitment System

A key requirement for any successful healthcare organisation or business is an effectively system with which to recruit and onboard staff. An effective healthcare recruitment system can mean the difference between successfully attracting and securing a qualified, strong team, and a recruiting nightmare amounting to no attraction or retention.

Get your recruitment strategy right and you should be able to access the best candidates at the right time and move them seamlessly and relatively speedily, through your selection process. With a potentially quick turnover of staff in many healthcare environments along with the need to attract the best candidates in a competitive employment landscape, your recruitment process needs to be effective. It also needs to be simple to implement, creating clarity at the same time for both recruiters and candidates.

For many nursing home and care home organisations, getting this type of system in place initially involves a major investment both in time and money. It can sometimes seem more expedient to use traditional methods of recruitment to save a little cash. The trouble is these solutions may have limited reach, even locally and generally don’t provide the outcomes you should reasonably expect. You might also miss out on the best candidates because your process is outdated or behind the times.

A healthcare recruitment system is a good option if you want to keep control of your costs and maximise your pulling power when it comes to attracting good candidates.

Here are just some of the main advantages of an effective healthcare recruitment system:

  • First, it’s not as expensive as many people think. The combination of state of the art technology and greater competition means that the price has come down in recent years. Services can also be tailored to your needs.
  • The recruitment process may be a little stop start if you’re handling it by traditional means. Opting for a digital solution means that every stage of the recruitment operation should run seamlessly, making it more effective.
  • Everyone involved in the recruitment process for your healthcare company will easily be able to track each stage of the hiring process.
  • The introduction of automation might sound a little daunting and impersonal but it can greatly reduce time spent on those more mundane tasks. You can, for instance, send out automatic emails with attachments, make immediate email responses, and send notifications to staff as a candidate moves through the process.
  • You are able to access reports and updated information at any time because it’s all held on the system. That’s something you can’t do easily if you are running a traditional recruitment campaign.
  • You can also pull out useful information that helps measure and analyse your recruitment strategy and that, in turn, enables you to tweak and improve your approach through an ongoing trial and error basis.
  • It also means that you keep everything uniform and impartial across the recruitment process, maintaining integrity and professionalism for your prospective candidates. That may well lead to more applications because you are seen as a reliable and trustworthy organisation to apply to.
  • Finally, there are facilities for personalising the recruitment process so that you get a better response from candidates. You can also potentially link to assets such as social media accounts to get candidate backgrounds and images.

An effective healthcare recruitment system doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want to improve your candidate selection and get the right people in post, contact Go Apply today to find out more.


The Power of Facebook for Nursing Home Recruitment

The Power of Facebook for Nursing Home Recruitment

If your aim is to recruit the best staff for your nursing home or care home, one of the most powerful tools you can utilise is social media. Facebook in particular, is very powerful for nursing home recruitment.

Facebook is now the biggest platform on the planet and it’s new job advertising service is fast, easy and, most importantly, free. Here are just a few stats to support why you should be using it:

Engaging on Facebook has always been an effective and affordable way to promote a business. It offers plenty of ways to boost your company image and build a personal connection to those who choose to follow you. You can join in with various groups associated with your business and build brand awareness. You can also use their advertising software to carefully target potential customers around the globe.

But what about nursing home recruitment?

Finding the best candidates in your area isn’t always easy. Putting an ad in the local newspaper can cost a significant amount of money. But then who reads newspapers nowadays? If you want a better way to carry out your nursing home recruitment, it’s called Facebook Job Postings. And it’s a powerful tool.

What is Facebook Jobs?

Facebook Jobs is open to any business that is registered on the platform and is simple to set up. All you need to do is sign onto the job posting page and complete your advertisement. You can post any listing on your business site for free. If you want to actively reach out to a certain audience you can use their targeted advertising to widen the scope of your recruitment campaign.

What Are The Benefits?

The first thing you’ll notice is that Facebook gives you access to a pretty big talent pool. When you consider that nearly 79% of people are likely to use social media when they are looking for a job, you begin to see the true power of what it can deliver. Why spend £500 on a newspaper advert when you can target specific people in your location with a Facebook job posting?You can define your ad by location, interests, type of person or a whole host of other parameters that effectively help you target individuals who are much more likely to be interested in your job vacancy.

There are other ways that that you can use Facebook if you don’t want to take advantage of the demographic targeting. The shareability of job ads means that other healthcare workers and colleagues can help spread word about your vacancy. You can also reach passive candidates who may not have been looking for a new job by engaging with them on your business page or in groups.One great thing about Facebook Jobs is that people can apply directly either on mobile or on a desktop. You have the option to contact candidates via Messenger and arrange an interview or get further details if you need them.

Finally, the job management tool provided by Facebook enables you to keep track of everything, ensuring a smoother and more productive recruitment process.

If you’ve been wasting money putting ads in newspapers and want a more productive and cost effective way to manage your nursing home recruitment but not quite sure how to go about this, get in touch with us at Go Apply.



Reduce Agency Spend with Effective Healthcare Recruitment

Reduce Agency Spend with Effective Healthcare Recruitment

Many healthcare businesses, including nursing homes, spend a lot on agencies and temporary workers. It’s often the most convenient and quickest way to get staff. Unfortunately, it’s not the most cost effective healthcare recruitment strategy.

Employing and retaining your own staff, rather than opting for temporary agency workers has a number of benefits. Not only does it reduce your wage bill because you are not being charged agency rates, you also have the benefit of regular staff who are able to provide continuity of care in your care or nursing home.

The good news is that employing your own staff is not as difficult as many people think. Put the right strategy in place and it can pay dividends for your business from day one.

Effective Healthcare Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment is a two way process. If you want to get qualified, talented full-time nursing staff, you need to think carefully how you reach out to them.

  1. Inspiring Job Posts

You may not think that writing a job post is marketing but it is. Putting your next job opportunity up online or in the local paper, requires careful thought and, above all, effective writing. Your job adverts should contain relevant information such as role descriptions and salary but also be exciting enough to entice the right candidates to apply.

  1. Social Media Recruitment

We all know that social media is an important way to communicate nowadays. Whether you love or hate Facebook and Twitter, they are the perfect tools for reaching out to candidates.

If your healthcare recruitment is stagnating, spending more quality time on these platforms can boost your engagement. Social media allows you to target specific audiences or locations and get in front of the people that matter to your healthcare business.

  1. Social Media Visibility

Did you know that 59% of people use social media to research a company they are interested in? People tend to want to work for businesses they have an affinity with. Most healthcare businesses can do a lot to improve their visibility to passive candidates and promote themselves. Show how well you treat staff, for instance, or what great facilities you have.

Make the Application Process Easy

Complicated application processes put candidates off. As with anything in life, the simpler you make it, the more engagement you should get. There are a few ways you can do this:

  1. A Dedicated Job Site

Listing jobs on your own site means that candidates can easily see what your healthcare business is all about at the same time as viewing vacancies. You could also combine your jobs page with careful keyword choices to improve SEO so that more people can find you.

  1. Online Application

You don’t want to put hurdles in the way of any potential applicant, so making it easy to apply online is vital. Many candidates will be searching for jobs on their mobiles and simplifying the process can help with this.

Forget about making it mandatory to attach a CV because many candidates in healthcare don’t have one. Include mobile friendly application forms instead and you may find that the response to your advertisement increases dramatically.

  1. Acknowledge Immediately

Once you get an application, always reply to say that you have received it. You can do this automatically nowadays with online applications. Let the candidate know if they have been unsuccessful or whether you want to see them or require further information. Good communication is vital if you want to attract the best candidates.

  1. Use Recruitment Software

Employing the right recruitment software can make a big difference if you have posts that you need to fill on a regular basis. It allows you to track and monitor applications, helping to manage candidates seamlessly through the application and interview process.

If you want to reduce your agency spend and develop  a more effective healthcare recruitment strategy, contact the team at Go Apply today to see how we can help.


How to attract passive healthcare candidates

How to attract passive healthcare candidates

For any organisation, particularly those that operate in the healthcare environment, attracting the best talent is becoming more of a challenge. Recruitment in general is currently sided with the employee at the moment, with many able to pick and choose where they work and who they are employed by.

Exploring all avenues that lead to successful recruitment is therefore important. One area that business owners often ignore is how to attract passive healthcare candidates. That’s mainly because most don’t know that they exist or what their value is.

What is a Passive Healthcare Candidate?

Passive healthcare candidates are working and not necessarily looking for a new job. They fit your job description for the post but aren’t likely to view your ad or contact your business. In truth, they might not even have heard of you. Remember in the healthcare environment there is so much candidate choice and opportunity, with literally hundreds of vacancies in each town.

So, why you would put in the effort to attract someone who is currently satisfied in the job they are doing? The other big question you need to answer is how you are going to attract that person to your organisation.

To answer the first, nearly 80% of professional working people fall into the passive healthcare candidates category. In that sense, you open up a lot more possibilities and a larger recruitment pool if you can access these individuals as well.

The second question is a little more difficult to answer and requires you to employ a range of different tools to get yourself noticed.

Leverage Your Online Presence and Social Media Platforms

Some of the best tools that you have available for attracting passive healthcare candidates are your website and social media platforms. They allow you to reach a wide variety of people on a daily basis, but only if you have the right components in place. For example, it’s important that your business is consistently and positively active on social media platforms like Facebook. Why? Because that is where healthcare talent tends to hang out.

There are plenty of ways to promote a positive message to potential passive healthcare candidates. That includes telling them about your achievements, showing you do care about your employees, and demonstrating the benefits of working for your business. You can use individual stories, post videos and images from events and create an online brand appeal that hits all the right pressure points for healthcare. In addition to boosting your own organisations persona on social media, it helps to have a well-built and sustainable online job website or page where those interested care assistants and nurses can find out more about you and your employment opportunities.

While you may be marketing your nursing home to potential residents and clients, you also need to be applying that same strategy to attracting the right employees, whether you currently have nursing and care vacancies or not. If you maintain a consistent online brand and make this easily recognisable, you can also begin to spread the word about your organisation through targeted social media campaigns. You can use paid advertising to reach out to certain demographics, those with the appropriate career history and interests.

Finally, you need to bring everything about your strategy to attract passive healthcare candidates together in a coherent fashion. Who are you looking for? How do you reach out to them? What platforms are they using? What messages do they want to hear? How do you get them to engage with you?

If you would like to find out how to transform your recruitment process, contact our friendly and experienced team at Go Apply today.

Embracing technology for effective healthcare recruitment

Embracing technology for effective healthcare recruitment

The evolution of technology has helped companies across all industries to streamline operations and reduce costs. Healthcare recruitment has changed in recent years thanks to the integration of online technologies and software systems. The ability to increase communication between potential care employers and employees has helped raise standards and onboarding speed within the healthcare industry. Here are just a selection of the technologies that can improve healthcare recruitment for the candidate and employer.

Healthcare Recruitment Software

There have been a number of different software programs developed specifically to help recruiters and employers find the best candidates for positions throughout all levels of the healthcare industry. Simplistic interfaces and streamlined data input methods allow employers to quickly and easily create job listings which include all of the essential information regarding the role. Recruitment software also has applicant tracking functions which allow for seamless communication between recruiters and potential candidates. This is the key, communications and documents in a single place and allowing for a more effective selection process.

Vacancy Web Pages

Websites are much easier to update in 2018 than ever before, which leaves no excuse to not keep your website up to date with the latest vacancies. With websites now becoming the outside face of many nursing home businesses, they are the primary way in which potential residents and family, plus potential job candidates find out more about the organisation. With the right process, having a specific section on a company website dedicated to recruitment and vacancies allows organisations to cut out any unnecessary steps and puts them directly in contact with nursing and care candidates. It also allows them to post job listings instantly with no fees or restrictions for effective healthcare recruitment.

With 2018 actual nurse vacancy rate in the UK currently at over 25%, the need for an experienced recruitment support partner that understands healthcare is an essential key.

Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool for marketing and recruiting within the healthcare industry. With millions of users logging into social media platforms every day, healthcare employers have a way to reach a wide selection of potential candidates free of charge. Platforms like LinkedIn are particularly good for headhunting nurses and finding qualified and skilled professionals, Facebook is up and coming in this area and really reaches the care masses. With Facebooks Jobs launch in 2018 the platform is only getting bigger and provides a fantastic way to target potential recruits with reasons to apply for your vacancies.

Online Job Boards

There are now hundreds of different websites that serve as electronic job boards on which any recruiter or employer can place listings for new positions. Job boards are used by millions of job-seekers on a daily basis which makes them a valuable tool for companies looking to hire new staff by pushing out your vacancy online. Be aware that the best job boards can be expensive and not cost-effective unless maximised for true potential. Ensure you are not overcharged as many sites will charge direct employers much more for a single role or vacancy.

Video and Imagery

Thanks to the development of video technology, it is now easier than ever for healthcare companies to create unique and engaging content that will entice job-seekers and professionals. Research has shown that web browsers are more likely to engage with visual content which is why more companies are now using things like videos and images in recruitment adverts.

Technology has moved forward in recent years, it has allowed healthcare organisations large and small to offer streamlined recruitment processes without massive investment.


Go Apply understands the UK nursing home and care home sector. We are specialists in identifying existing recruitment issues and presenting rapid solutions for your team to source and recruit candidates more effectively. Get in touch to start the process.