Is Your Outdated Care Home Website Damaging Your Business?

Is Your Outdated Care Home Website Damaging Your Business?

According to web credibility from Stanford, 75% of users are likely to pass judgement on a company’s credibility based solely on its website design. Slow download speeds, poorly structured layout and outdated content can quickly create the wrong impression. For a care or nursing home business, in today’s digitally focused world, your company website is crucially important.

While not having a website at all can be a massive failing, there’s no doubt that a poorly designed website can be just as damaging. After all, it’s your online storefront and is the first opportunity you get to create a positive impression with your potential clients and job candidates.

1. Care Home Credibility

First impressions count, especially when it comes to care homes choice! Families want to be sure that they are choosing the best option for their loved one going into care, a home they can count on and trust. Individuals turn online to Google to search for services and products before making any further decisions.

Research tells us that it only takes about 0.05 seconds for a viewer to make up their mind about what kind of care home you run and whether it suits their needs. A poorly designed website will raise concerns about how your care home performs, including the quality of care that you provide to residents.

In creating an inviting, impressive and attractive looking website you will boost your care home credibility, making potential clients (and job seekers!) more likely to engage with your care home further.

2. Google Rankings

While your care home website must look good, it also needs to rank well on search engines such as Google. Search engine optimisation or SEO is an area of website development that has become increasingly sophisticated over the last few years. Some of the reason that your care home website may not be currently ranking well in a Google search are:

  • It might be that you have outdated information on your site. Google gives preference to websites that are regularly updated
  • You website may not be optimised for SEO. Putting the right keywords in your content and signing up to services like Google My Business can all help solve this problem
  • Google loves a wide range of content such as video, images and infographics. Having variety on your website can make you even more visible
  • Slow website load speed will have a definite negative affect on your website ranking

Many care homes pay far too little attention to SEO on their website. Getting it right requires constant monitoring and adjusting, including constantly adding valuable content. The user experience is also a big thing in today’s digital world. If you can look at things from the users point of view and really deliver what they are looking for, it will make a huge difference to your visibility.

3. Mobile Friendly Care Home Website

According to CIODive, 70% of all internet traffic now comes from mobile. It’s important to understand what this means when it comes to care home website design. Smartphone screens are smaller and website design needs to be what is called ‘mobile friendly’. This means, when someone accesses your site via their mobile phone, they can actually read your content and engage easily with your site. If you have an outdated website, it’s unlikely that you will have this facility built into the design. This alone could mean you are missing out on many potential clients and job candidates.

4. Appealing to Job Seekers

While your website is a vital portal for families searching for care homes in their area or in a specific location, it’s also a valuable recruitment tool. This is one area where many healthcare businesses don’t always leverage the full potential. Having a dedicated and attractive recruitment page where you can advertise vacancies is indispensable.

It’s important to have the right SEO in place such as keywords which means your job vacancies will rank higher on Google for your area. But it’s also vital to have a site that makes potential employees think you offer everything they are looking for. If you want to attract high-quality staff on a regular basis this is one area that you will need to get right.

5. Website Security

Outdated websites have one particular failing that is highly important in today’s digital world and that’s security. Look at your website address. Does it start with a http:// or https://?

The former is the older, less secure version of the file transfer protocol that websites use to move data from one computer to another. Https is a more secure method and ensures that any information sent is properly encrypted. That means you run much less risk of your data being intercepted or corrupted by those with malicious intent.

The point here is that a secure website not only gives your customers confidence when dealing with your business it’s important for search ranking. Search engine Google is now labelling sites without proper encryption as insecure, meaning anybody visiting your website will first be met with a page advising them that your website is not secure.

6. Promotional Tool

Are you truly maximising the full promotional benefits of your website? Your website provides you massive potential in order to shout about how wonderful your care home is and why families should choose you for their loved one, and why candidates should work for you.

For example:

  • Link to CQC reports
  • Highlight any awards or achievements of your care home, or of your staff
  • Introduce your staff and managers to the wider world with lively profiles
  • Include staff reviews
  • Include articles that show how your care home business works with the local community
  • Include residents or family member reviews

Once you start thinking about how you can develop your care home website to make it a better promotional tool, you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved!

At Go Apply, we understand how a great website goes hand in hand with a successful care home business model. If you’d like to review your current care home website or develop a completely new one specifically designed for your care home, contact our expert team to find out how we can help.

Embracing technology for effective healthcare recruitment

Embracing technology for effective healthcare recruitment

The evolution of technology has helped companies across all industries to streamline operations and reduce costs. Healthcare recruitment has changed in recent years thanks to the integration of online technologies and software systems. The ability to increase communication between potential care employers and employees has helped raise standards and onboarding speed within the healthcare industry. Here are just a selection of the technologies that can improve healthcare recruitment for the candidate and employer.

Healthcare Recruitment Software

There have been a number of different software programs developed specifically to help recruiters and employers find the best candidates for positions throughout all levels of the healthcare industry. Simplistic interfaces and streamlined data input methods allow employers to quickly and easily create job listings which include all of the essential information regarding the role. Recruitment software also has applicant tracking functions which allow for seamless communication between recruiters and potential candidates. This is the key, communications and documents in a single place and allowing for a more effective selection process.

Vacancy Web Pages

Websites are much easier to update in 2018 than ever before, which leaves no excuse to not keep your website up to date with the latest vacancies. With websites now becoming the outside face of many nursing home businesses, they are the primary way in which potential residents and family, plus potential job candidates find out more about the organisation. With the right process, having a specific section on a company website dedicated to recruitment and vacancies allows organisations to cut out any unnecessary steps and puts them directly in contact with nursing and care candidates. It also allows them to post job listings instantly with no fees or restrictions for effective healthcare recruitment.

With 2018 actual nurse vacancy rate in the UK currently at over 25%, the need for an experienced recruitment support partner that understands healthcare is an essential key.

Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool for marketing and recruiting within the healthcare industry. With millions of users logging into social media platforms every day, healthcare employers have a way to reach a wide selection of potential candidates free of charge. Platforms like LinkedIn are particularly good for headhunting nurses and finding qualified and skilled professionals, Facebook is up and coming in this area and really reaches the care masses. With Facebooks Jobs launch in 2018 the platform is only getting bigger and provides a fantastic way to target potential recruits with reasons to apply for your vacancies.

Online Job Boards

There are now hundreds of different websites that serve as electronic job boards on which any recruiter or employer can place listings for new positions. Job boards are used by millions of job-seekers on a daily basis which makes them a valuable tool for companies looking to hire new staff by pushing out your vacancy online. Be aware that the best job boards can be expensive and not cost-effective unless maximised for true potential. Ensure you are not overcharged as many sites will charge direct employers much more for a single role or vacancy.

Video and Imagery

Thanks to the development of video technology, it is now easier than ever for healthcare companies to create unique and engaging content that will entice job-seekers and professionals. Research has shown that web browsers are more likely to engage with visual content which is why more companies are now using things like videos and images in recruitment adverts.

Technology has moved forward in recent years, it has allowed healthcare organisations large and small to offer streamlined recruitment processes without massive investment.


Go Apply understands the UK nursing home and care home sector. We are specialists in identifying existing recruitment issues and presenting rapid solutions for your team to source and recruit candidates more effectively. Get in touch to start the process.



Running a successful healthcare recruitment open day: Marketing

Running a successful healthcare recruitment open day: Marketing

As with many business endeavours, marketing is a critical element to success when you’re planning a healthcare recruitment open day. Building your healthcare brand awareness among potential candidates is essential to attract talent, but when you’re planning a recruitment drive, it is even more important to achieve the numbers you want.

Marketing a healthcare recruitment open day is essential:

  • It helps to get your open day in front of the right nurses, carers and potential candidates (or their family) and attract more registrations.
  • With the healthcare industry struggling to meet the right levels of staffing in all areas, marketing is important for attracting the experienced, qualified candidates you need too. It gives you an opportunity to show off why staff should be keen to work in your nursing home or care home.

Here are five areas to focus on to kickstart your marketing efforts for your healthcare recruitment open day:

  1. Know your budget

Effective marketing requires you to invest financially in your efforts. A portion of your whole event budget should be set aside for marketing purposes, allowing you to undertake tasks such as printing merchandise materials and boosting social media posts.

  1. Plan your on the day marketing materials

Preparing materials in advance can make the whole process smoother. Plan and create your materials, from the social media posts you’ll be using, to emails or SMS reminding candidates of their appointment and signage that will point attendees in the right direction. This can help ensure all your materials are on brand while allowing you to focus on the event and the maximum possible attendance.

  1. Spread the word

Of course, you want your marketing efforts to boost awareness of your healthcare recruitment open day and increase nurse and healthcare assistant applications (or chefs, activity organisers) luckily there is a number of ways you achieve this. Use your social media channels to boost your reach and contact local media outlets to run your story. Job boards, newspapers, radio, Facebook (targeted advertising can help), Google Adwords. Plus using the details of previous applicants (be careful of GDPR here though post 25/05/2018) and requesting internal referrals are also an excellent way to get more people through the door of your event.

  1. Have an online application process

Your website or a branded online portal should be the method for candidates to register their details and discover more. As part of your marketing strategy, you should be creating designated landing pages and embed the registration process to make it as simple as possible.

According to the World of Work research by International Labour Organization, millennials look and apply for jobs online. The research was conducted in June 2016 across Europe. 70% of the respondents think they know where to look for work online. Millennials mainly apply as follows:

  • Job Boards (65%)
  • Company websites (44%)
  • Social media channels for professionals and businesses, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Glassdoor (31%)
  • Directly contacting employers (32%)
  • Online Search Engines (31%)
  • Printed Media (24%)
  1. Focus on building your employer brand

Your employer brand is vital for both attracting and retaining talent. Over three quarters of candidates are considered passive, meaning you need to actively take steps to entice them away from their current employer.

Working with a professional team can help with all these areas, apply now for a complimentary healthcare recruitment healthcheck for your organisation.