Running a successful healthcare recruitment open day: Marketing

Running a successful healthcare recruitment open day: Marketing

As with many business endeavours, marketing is a critical element to success when you’re planning a healthcare recruitment open day. Building your healthcare brand awareness among potential candidates is essential to attract talent, but when you’re planning a recruitment drive, it is even more important to achieve the numbers you want.

Marketing a healthcare recruitment open day is essential:

  • It helps to get your open day in front of the right nurses, carers and potential candidates (or their family) and attract more registrations.
  • With the healthcare industry struggling to meet the right levels of staffing in all areas, marketing is important for attracting the experienced, qualified candidates you need too. It gives you an opportunity to show off why staff should be keen to work in your nursing home or care home.

Here are five areas to focus on to kickstart your marketing efforts for your healthcare recruitment open day:

  1. Know your budget

Effective marketing requires you to invest financially in your efforts. A portion of your whole event budget should be set aside for marketing purposes, allowing you to undertake tasks such as printing merchandise materials and boosting social media posts.

  1. Plan your on the day marketing materials

Preparing materials in advance can make the whole process smoother. Plan and create your materials, from the social media posts you’ll be using, to emails or SMS reminding candidates of their appointment and signage that will point attendees in the right direction. This can help ensure all your materials are on brand while allowing you to focus on the event and the maximum possible attendance.

  1. Spread the word

Of course, you want your marketing efforts to boost awareness of your healthcare recruitment open day and increase nurse and healthcare assistant applications (or chefs, activity organisers) luckily there is a number of ways you achieve this. Use your social media channels to boost your reach and contact local media outlets to run your story. Job boards, newspapers, radio, Facebook (targeted advertising can help), Google Adwords. Plus using the details of previous applicants (be careful of GDPR here though post 25/05/2018) and requesting internal referrals are also an excellent way to get more people through the door of your event.

  1. Have an online application process

Your website or a branded online portal should be the method for candidates to register their details and discover more. As part of your marketing strategy, you should be creating designated landing pages and embed the registration process to make it as simple as possible.

According to the World of Work research by International Labour Organization, millennials look and apply for jobs online. The research was conducted in June 2016 across Europe. 70% of the respondents think they know where to look for work online. Millennials mainly apply as follows:

  • Job Boards (65%)
  • Company websites (44%)
  • Social media channels for professionals and businesses, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Glassdoor (31%)
  • Directly contacting employers (32%)
  • Online Search Engines (31%)
  • Printed Media (24%)
  1. Focus on building your employer brand

Your employer brand is vital for both attracting and retaining talent. Over three quarters of candidates are considered passive, meaning you need to actively take steps to entice them away from their current employer.

Working with a professional team can help with all these areas, apply now for a complimentary healthcare recruitment healthcheck for your organisation.

Running a successful healthcare recruitment event: Considerations

Running a successful healthcare recruitment event: Considerations

With healthcare organisations struggling to find the nursing and care candidates for each position, the healthcare recruitment event is set to again become a trend in the care sector. Giving you an unrivalled opportunity to meet numerous applicants in a single day and effectively assess their skills, recruitment events could solve the staffing crisis. But they require careful planning too.

CQC State of Care report showed that 20% of nursing homes do not have enough staff on duty to ensure good and safe care so for nursing homes and other care organisations, mass recruitment can save resources while delivering the ideal outcomes too. It’s making them an attractive prospect for many organisations. However, every recruitment event requires careful consideration to ensure you maximise the potential.

We have identified the four top considerations before you get planning to create a healthcare recruitment event that’s primed for success.

  • 1. Recruitment day goals

In order for any healthcare recruitment event to be successful, it needs clearly defined goals that guide its planning. Before you start looking at venues, you need to set out what you want to achieve. Make sure you have a clear idea of the purpose of the recruitment event and how many candidates you would both like to attend and ultimately hire.

  • 2. Creating a budget

One of the benefits of larger scale recruitment is that it can save you money while sourcing the best talent available. Candidates often will tell others of the event, especially if arranged in a more informal manner. However goals, a financial budget (including marketing, venue hire, printing, staff overtime or agency costs to cover interviewers) and essential processes are key elements. Set out your financial scope and let this realistically guide your recruitment event.

  • 3. Healthcare recruitment event set-up

Make sure you plan in advance the set-up of your event. The first question is whether it should be at the home or at an outside local venue. Hosting it yourselves has obvious benefits, such as allowing employees to look around and understand your culture while giving you an opportunity to assess them in a workplace environment, plus you will have everything you need to hand. However depending on how many candidates you hope will attend it may disrupt the day to day running of the home. If you choose an alternative venue, make sure you’ve considered whether you’ll have all the resources you need, including wifi, tables and chairs, tea and coffee etc.

On top of the venue, you’ll need to decide on who will be staffing the event and how it will influence your usual operations. It’s often a positive idea to have employees in the roles you are seeking staff for as well as residents, this involvement has been known to improve new team members acceptance within the home and employee retention.

  • 4. Event registration

Did you know that 27% of applicants would discourage others from applying to an employer if they’ve had a previous negative experience? Even if you choose not to hire someone, it’s critical they leave with a good impression of your healthcare business. Make it easy for potential candidates to register their interest online, provide the key information they need, and stay in contact in the lead up to the event.

On the actual event day, take every step to ensure the process is as streamlined and efficient as possible. For example, gathering registration details beforehand can speed up the basics and ensuring you have all the necessary equipment to facilitate interviews can eliminate unnecessary delays.